Today I finished the Well of Lost Plots, the third in the Thursday Next series. This is great fun – Fforde is respectful towards his far ranging sources, the central character is a strong resourceful woman and he throws ideas around with an energy that has drawn justifiable comparisons with Douglas Adams. Justifiable but we need to draw a clear line – Douglas Adams is a literary god, who if he had only left us the babelfish alone would have earned his place at the top table of writers – whereas Fforde has yet to break out of the niche he occupies. Perhaps a television series would earn him the audience he deserves – although how you would film some of his scenes escapes me. The obvious answer is a radio series – don’t tell me, they have already done one? My 16 year old son has been reading this series one book behind me, and has been enjoying them, although I flatter myself he probably hasn’t got all the literary references that Fforde throws in. Recommended if you are looking for something light, amusing, and clever, without taking itself too seriously.