Remarkably this will be one of the only resolutions I have ever kept. The aim was to keep a record of books read in 2012 for posterity’s sake, and to allow me space to record my thoughts and impressions of the books. It has led me to think of some possible new resolutions for 2013 and beyond:

  • Shakespeare – reading the whole of the canon, including the poetry, in one year. More than do-able, especially as I have read probably 75% already (although I would have to reread, as most of this was 30 years ago!)
  • Russian classics – a big black hole in my reading thus far, although I am coming close to finishing Crime and Punishment, finally.
  • Booker prize winners – about 40 novels or so which is comfortably do-able in a year – again I can tick off a good dozen or so already, although some, such as Cloud Atlas would definitely be worth revisiting. Other, like The Old Devils, Amis senior, probably less so. I reckon I could take a good bite out of all shortlisted books as well, but I think that counts as sadism.
  • Noble laureates – lots of world literature out there which I know nothing about.

Any other ideas?