Book review: The Drop by Michael Connolly

The Drop sees the return of Harry Bosch, Michael Connolly’s grizzled Los Angeles police detective. Bosch is said to have seen action in Vietnam, and this novel appears to be set in the present day, so he presumably is getting on in years. Having retired and returned to work he now extends his service usingContinue reading “Book review: The Drop by Michael Connolly”

Book review: Starlight – Stella Gibbons

This is a curious novel. It follows two impoverished sisters, Gladys and Annie, living in a run down part of North London. Their landlord sells their home to a “rackman” – a phrase many people will be unfamiliar with, but used here to describe an unscrupulous landlord likely to drive up rents, harass tenants, andContinue reading “Book review: Starlight – Stella Gibbons”

Supplementary: Reading and Forgetting (or Cold Comfort farm, again)

Difficult though it is to admit, I often read novels and then forget what they are about. Not just minor details – whole novels slide past my eyes, to be quickly forgotten. Novels from the same author merge in the memory, and even relatively recently read books which I have written about here resist more detailedContinue reading “Supplementary: Reading and Forgetting (or Cold Comfort farm, again)”

Comment: Thankful Villages

This entry isn’t about reading or books at all really, except that in a way it fits in with much of my non-fiction reading over the last twelve months,which has kept coming back to the World Wars of the twentieth century. Humans are famously unable to comprehend large numbers. We deal much better with dozens,Continue reading “Comment: Thankful Villages”