Book review: You are Not So Smart by David Mcraney

Subtitled: Why Your Memory is Mostly Fiction, Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, and 46 Other Ways You’re Deluding Yourself. This is a very gentle, easily digestible introduction to psychology. 48 chapters, each only a few pages long, covering all the basics of how the way we perceive the world is more complicatedContinue reading “Book review: You are Not So Smart by David Mcraney”

Book review: The Bachelor by Stella Gibbons

Oh dear. If you have read anything I have written previously about Stella Gibbons it will be immediately obvious that I rate Cold Comfort farm as one of the best books ever written. Hyperbole? perhaps, because I would recognise the book is not without its flaws, but if I had to chose one book forContinue reading “Book review: The Bachelor by Stella Gibbons”

Book review: The Red House by Mark Haddon

The premise of this novel is very simple. Brother and sister Richard and Angela have recently lost their mother after a long and distressing illness. Somewhat out of the blue Richard offers to host (can host be used as a verb like this?) Angela and family in a week long holiday in a cottage inContinue reading “Book review: The Red House by Mark Haddon”

Book review: Skios, by Michael Frayn

It must be, I would have thought, quite rare for a writer to sit down and sadistically decide “I am going to write a farce”, as Frayn appears to have done here. Farce has an inflexible set of rules and protocols that can work well on stage, when in the course of a performance improbabilitiesContinue reading “Book review: Skios, by Michael Frayn”