Book review: The Death of Grass – John Christopher

I am puzzled why I have never heard of this shocking 1950’s novel before. The threat of nuclear oblivion inevitably had a strong impact on writers in this country, producing a whole crop (ironically, in this context) of post-Apocalyptic novels. Obvious examples are “The Day of the Triffids” and “Lord of the Flies”, the twoContinue reading “Book review: The Death of Grass – John Christopher”

Comment: Competitive Reading Lists

Every now and again lists circulateĀ purporting to show the 50 best this or the 101 best that, inviting the reader to assess their worth by deciding how many of the books shown they have read. I say “deciding” how many they have read, because this is rarely a binary decision. Have you read “A ChristmasContinue reading “Comment: Competitive Reading Lists”

Book review: The Jefferson Key – Steve Berry

I have had a really bad run in recent weeks – some sub-par McEwan and the execrable Amis – so what led me to pick this one up I am not quite sure. Certainly the cover told me pretty much all I needed to know – US flag on fire, presidential seal, White House withContinue reading “Book review: The Jefferson Key – Steve Berry”