Supplementary: The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond (2)

The central premise of this book is simple – there are tribal societies remaining in the world today that are similar to the way people lived before the rise of states (approximately) 11,000 years ago. We can learn lessons from these tribal societies that will help us live more successful, safer, longer and happier lives.Continue reading “Supplementary: The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond (2)”

Comment: Hamlet and The Lion King

I think it is widely accepted that the scriptwriters for the Lion King took some inspiration from Hamlet. The parallels don’t run very deep, but in thinking about this I wondered whether the film provides any new ways of thinking about the play. New ways of thinking about Hamlet are pretty unlikely of course, butContinue reading “Comment: Hamlet and The Lion King”

Book review: The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond

I reviewed Diamond’s “Guns Germs and Steel” last year and it is fair to say it made a significant impression on me. Readable but serious, refusing to duck some really challenging issues, I still find myself referring to some of the ideas and stories set out in this book. Guns Germs and Steel tried toContinue reading “Book review: The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond”

Book review: The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

This is the inevitable sequel to the Long Earth, which I reviewed last year. In case you have forgotten, in the first novel a multiverse of parallel earths – the Long Earth – is discovered, along with the ability for humans to travel quickly and simply along a sequential series of earths. Its not quiteContinue reading “Book review: The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter”

Supplementary: The Daylight Gate (2) – An afterthought

“When shall we three meet again” – daylight of course, it’s such a nice witchy time of day isn’t it? What am I talking about? Something that has really bugged me about this novel, apart from everything else I wrote about earlier, namely the title of the novel. It tells you nothing about the subjectContinue reading “Supplementary: The Daylight Gate (2) – An afterthought”