I am really flattered that Sunday Times journalists read my blog. That’s the only possible explanation for their headline today “Holocaust denial books sold on Amazon“,  full story behind their paywall, but the headline gives you the idea. You will recall that I wrote the exact same story in March 2015!aunday

Now if you follow that link you will see that I am not really claiming to be the original source of this story – it previously received national media coverage in 2013. What is remarkable is that a) Amazon are continuing to sell this stuff, even in countries where holocaust denial is a crime, and b) that the Sunday Times journalists either couldn’t be bothered to Google this story and acknowledge the fact that it is old news, or that they did know it was an old story but deliberately did not mention it. Either was that is pretty shoddy journalism. murdoch

So why is the Sunday Times going after Amazon now? Could it be anything to do with megatech’s comprehensive opposition to so-called president (and friend of the Dirty Digger) Trump? Now that would be an interesting conspiracy?