Book review: Men at Arms (Discworld 15) by Sir Terry Pratchett, 1993

It is incredibly hard to choose a favourite Discworld novel. It’s like choosing a favourite ice-cream (what, only one?!).  But if forced to choose it might well be Men at Arms. I have a suspicion I have said the same thing about previous novels in the Discworld series, but I am too lazy to go backContinue reading “Book review: Men at Arms (Discworld 15) by Sir Terry Pratchett, 1993”

Book Review: Here be Dragons, by Stella Gibbons,1956

Long-term readers of this blog, if there is such a thing, will know of my futile quest to find a novel by Stella Gibbons that contains a scintilla of the wit and wisdom of Cold Comfort Farm. I keep buying the lovely Vintage reprints, knowing that it’s not going to happen, but each time hopingContinue reading “Book Review: Here be Dragons, by Stella Gibbons,1956”

Book review: How to be Right by James O’Brien, 2019

James O’Brien is that rarity, a progressive talk radio host. While most of his fellow talkshow hosts seem to actively encourage people to spill their prejudices, O’Brien confronts them. His technique and reasons for doing so are the heart of this book – it’s not really a handbook for being right (I think the structureContinue reading “Book review: How to be Right by James O’Brien, 2019”