I dinna trust him,” said . “He reads books an’ such.”

Slightly Mad Angus, Wintersmith, Sir Terry Pratchett

As you will have noticed, I have called this blog ‘The Reading Bug‘. I am not sure if this expression travels, but in the UK it is used to describe the infectious enthusiasm for books and reading that some people are lucky enough to catch. Once caught it stays with you for life.

I keep this blog primarily as a reading journal. However I occasionally write about other related topics – if you go back far enough you will see entries about reading and forgetting, (that mysterious process whereby you can read a novel and not remember a single thing about it a few months later) and even something as simple as what we mean when we say we have read a book.

My opinions about the books I read are just that, my opinions, almost always not something entrenched or worth fighting about. So if you disagree with anything I have written please feel free to say so. If you want you can also promote your own blog – I promise to pop over and check it out. Grammar pedants will have fun spotting my deliberate errors….

I ought also to explain my policy towards spoilers. Although I label most of my blog entries as reviews, they are not reviews in the sense you will find in newspapers, magazines, or online. They are “some things I think about this book, having very recently read it”. Hopefully these things will be interesting, such as the weird similarities between Harry Potter and Jane Eyre, or whether Frankenstein’s monster actually existed outside Frankenstein’s imagination; more commonly they will be a summary of the main events of the novel, and a few random observations. But be warned – I might include spoilers – not deliberately, but equally I won’t go out of my way to avoid them. So if it is really important to you not to know what happens in a novel until you have read it for yourselves, safety first!

If you have got this far, thanks for reading, and see you over the page.



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