Book Reviews: non-fiction, by author

Aldersey-Williams, Hugh – Periodic Tales (Popular science)

Arthur, Max – The Real Band of Brothers (History – Spanish Civil War)

Ashworth, Tony – Trench Warfare 1914-1918 (History – World War 1)

Beevor, Antony – Berlin (History – World War 2)

Benn, Tony – The Best of Benn (Politics – diaries)

Best, Nicholas – The Greatest Day in History (History – World War 1)

Bew, John – Citizen Clem (Politics – Biography)

Bryson, Bill – The Road to Little Dribbling  (Autobiography) At Home (Popular science)

Bullock, Alan Hitler – a study in tyranny (Historical biography)

Corrigan, Gordon Mud, Blood and Poppycock (History, World War 2)

Dash, Mike Batavia’s Graveyard  (History)

Diamond, Jared Collapse The World Until Yesterday Guns Germs and Steel Upheaval (Anthropology)

Eagleton, Terry Why Marx was Right (Political commentary)

Ferguson, Adam When Money Dies (History)

Fry, Stephen Moab is my Washpot (Autobiography)

Hill, Susan Jacob’s Room is Full of Books (Literary criticism)

Jones, Dan The Templars (History)

Kershaw, Ian The End, Germany 1944-45 (History)

Letts, Quentin Patronising Bastards (Politics – commentary)

Lowe, Keith Savage Continent (History – post World War 2 Europe)

McRaney, David You Are Not So Smart (Psychology)

Mitchell, David Back Story  (Autobiography)

Moran, Caitlin How to Build a Girl (Autobiography) Moranthology (Journalism)

Nunns, Alex The Candidate  (Political biography)

O’Brien, James How to be Right (Political commentary)

Prince, Rosa Comrade Corbyn (Political biography)

Ronson, Jon So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed The Psychopath Test  (Psychology)

Roper, Hugh Trevor The Last Days of Adolf Hitler  (History – World War 2)

Rubenhold, Hallie Five (History)

Seddon, Mark Standing for Something  (Political autobiography)

Shapiro, James 1606 The Year of Lear  (Literary history)

Shariatmadari, David Don’t Believe a Word (Linguistics)

Sharot, Tali The Influential Mind (Psychology)

Stargardt, Nicholas The German War: A Nation Under Arms (History – World War 2)

Sutherland, John Is Heathcliff a Murderer?  (Literary commentary)

Tavris, Carol & Aronson, Elliott Mistakes Were Made  (Psychology)

Webb, Robert How not to be a Boy (Autobiography)

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