Comment: Favourite Authors (Four) – Poets

Favourite writers, continued – Poets. 31. William Blake, largely for Jerusalem 32. T.S. Eliot. When I studied Eliot in 6th form I was either told, or believed independently, that Eliot was impenetrably hard. Not surprisingly I found him thus. Returning to Prufrock or the Wasteland decades later something has happened, and they have become accessible,Continue reading “Comment: Favourite Authors (Four) – Poets”

Comment: Favourite authors (Three) – Playwrights

More favourite writers – playwrights this time. 21. Tom Stoppard – for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, some delightful playing with ideas. 22. Samuel Beckett. When Waiting for Godot was first performed in the 1950’s it left most audiences bewildered. It is a sign of the times that there can now be a passing referenceContinue reading “Comment: Favourite authors (Three) – Playwrights”

Comment: Favourite Authors (Two)

Favourite authors – fantasy and science fiction Douglas Adams. I first encountered Douglas Adams’ work on the radio, which is probably where it worked best. This must have been the late 70’s I guess. I can still remember the time and place, (if not the date). The books are a joy – try the DirkContinue reading “Comment: Favourite Authors (Two)”

Comment: Favourite Authors (One)

As this will be my 50th blog entry, I thought I would succumb to some list writing – in this case my 50 favourite authors. Now I haven’t prepared this list in advance, although I have of course given it some thought, so who knows if I will get to 50? Shakespeare. Of course. StellaContinue reading “Comment: Favourite Authors (One)”