Comment: Shades of Grey

A guest blog today: Now upon reading that title, I bet you thought of either the erotic books or the simply disturbing film. I bet none of you thought of anythingelse. And you know what? I hate those books – the film too I guess. They have left a mark not only on British culture,Continue reading “Comment: Shades of Grey”

Comment: Miliband mispeaks – is there a word for this?

In an interview on Monday, Ed Miliband used the phrase “shuffling the deckchairs”. This is a conflation of two phrases. “Shuffling the deck”, a dead metaphor originally from playing cards of course, but now just meaning “changing things about”. It is usually used to describe an attempt to refresh a situation, and is therefore a mildlyContinue reading “Comment: Miliband mispeaks – is there a word for this?”

Comment: Proverbs

I’ve written quite a bit over the years about sayings, proverbs, idiom, and dead metaphor, so this article caught my eye yesterday    If you don’t want to follow the link or read the article, the eleven phrases are: Haters gonna hate The truth will set you free, but first it will piss youContinue reading “Comment: Proverbs”

Comment: Holocaust denial books sold on Amazon

More on yesterday’s entry re Amazon selling race hate material. This story was first broken in 2013, and received some national media coverage, as a result of which (it is claimed, but I cannot confirm) that Amazon withdrew these items for sale, albeit temporarily. They seem to have sneaked back without any publicity. Much ofContinue reading “Comment: Holocaust denial books sold on Amazon”

Comment: Amazonian Extremism

Reading the Amazon reviews of a book I intend to blog about sooner or later, I came across one review which recommended another book, controversially entitled “Enoch was right”. In case you haven’t come across Enoch Powell before, he was a conservative politician who promoted racist ideas in the UK in the 1960s and later. ThisContinue reading “Comment: Amazonian Extremism”

Supplementary: Reading and Forgetting (or Cold Comfort farm, again)

Difficult though it is to admit, I often read novels and then forget what they are about. Not just minor details – whole novels slide past my eyes, to be quickly forgotten. Novels from the same author merge in the memory, and even relatively recently read books which I have written about here resist more detailedContinue reading “Supplementary: Reading and Forgetting (or Cold Comfort farm, again)”

Comment: Books I read in 2012 but did not blog about.

How very post-modern of me – a blog about things I didn’t blog about! The intention was always to write about what I read, but in 2012 I made a few exceptions – either I struggled to formulate anything coherent about the books, or er, … Crime and Punishment. Yes I did really read thisContinue reading “Comment: Books I read in 2012 but did not blog about.”