Book review: The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

This is the inevitable sequel to the Long Earth, which I reviewed last year. In case you have forgotten, in the first novel a multiverse of parallel earths – the Long Earth – is discovered, along with the ability for humans to travel quickly and simply along a sequential series of earths. Its not quiteContinue reading “Book review: The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter”

Book review: Ark by Stephen Baxter

“Ark” is the sequel to Baxter’s “Flood”, reviewed here a few days ago. This is a real doorstep of a book, as science fiction often is, which picks up the story several years before “Flood” ends. The central theme – a space rocket takes survivors to another world to avoid the apocalyptic flooding of earthContinue reading “Book review: Ark by Stephen Baxter”

Book review: Flood by Stephen Baxter

Working on the basis that anyone Terry Pratchett decides to work with must be pretty damn good, I decided to give Stephen Baxter another try after “The Long Earth” (see review last month). “Flood” appeared to stand out from the other recommendations for reasons I haven’t decided upon. The name really tells you most ofContinue reading “Book review: Flood by Stephen Baxter”