Book review: Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

The third of my recent McEwan catch up exercise, prompted by a Waterstones promotion – who says marketing schemes don’t work? The review I roughed out in my mind mid way through this novel is a very different beast from what I am now about to write. Let me explain. The principal narrator of theContinue reading “Book review: Enduring Love by Ian McEwan”

Book review: Black Dogs by Ian McEwan

On a walking holiday (and honeymoon) in early post-war southern France, a young idealistic woman, June Tremaine, is terrified by an encounter with two menacing attack dogs. This incident leads in turn to a spiritual experience and changes her life. Surprisingly she decides on an apparent whim to live in France (very near to the sceneContinue reading “Book review: Black Dogs by Ian McEwan”

Book review: The Innocent by Ian McEwan

McEwan is always strong when it comes to evoking a particular time and place, whether it be early 1960’s in “On Chesil Beach”, the Dunkirk evacuation (amongst others) in “Atonement”, or early 1970’s MI5 in “Sweet Tooth”, just to mention a few. The thing that jumps out from that short list for me is howContinue reading “Book review: The Innocent by Ian McEwan”

Book review: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Read in the Jonathan Cape hardback first edition. Any new novel by McEwan is something of an event, and this is no exception. Sweet Tooth is an ambitious novel. Set in the early 1970’s, and rich with period material, the story follows a young woman, Serena Frome, in her first few months working for MI5. SweetContinue reading “Book review: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan”

Book review: Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

Read in 1999 Vintage edition The important thing to remember about this novel, winner of the 1998 Booker prize, is that it is pre-Atonement, pre-On Chesil Beach, even pre-Saturday.  In other words it is not the work of a mature writer at the height of his powers – which I know is not much ofContinue reading “Book review: Amsterdam by Ian McEwan”

Book review: On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, 2007

I am going to break all my rules and say what I think this book is about, bearing in mind that I am not sure I even believe in the idea of books simply being “about” one thing. The plot, such as it is, is quickly summarised in McEwan’s opening sentence: “They were young, educated,Continue reading “Book review: On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, 2007”