Book review: Money – a suicide note – Martin Amis – 1980

‘Money’ was written in the early 1980’s, and published in 1984. This was the highpoint of Thatcherism, greed is good, and ‘Money’ represents one of the high artistic points of that period. This isn’t saying much, because while everyone else in the Arts at the time was pointing out with different degrees of vehemence thatContinue reading “Book review: Money – a suicide note – Martin Amis – 1980”

Book review: The Information, by Martin Amis

Martin Amis wrote the “at pains to be offensive” “Lionel Asbo”. So why on earth would I read “The Information”? My excuses are, to be honest, slim. I originally read this novel when it was first published, in 1995. I had been impressed by the griminess of “London Fields”, and thought Amis was a writerContinue reading “Book review: The Information, by Martin Amis”

Book review: Lionel Asbo by Martin Amis

A few years ago Ben Elton, he of 1980’s stand up fame, wrote a series of zeitgeist novels, each focussing on a different aspect of popular culture – Big Brother, (the TV programme, not the character in 1984), Friends Reunited, the effect of Internet porn and violence on people’s behaviour, etc. These were all fairlyContinue reading “Book review: Lionel Asbo by Martin Amis”